Ontrac Retail Management System

A turn-key hardware and software solution to run your retail pool business efficiently and effectively.

Ontrac has all the tools you need in one sleek, stylish package. Powered by industry-leading Microsoft Retail Management System, with Hardware by HP, this state-of-the-art, easy-to-use machine, software with installation costs as low as $6000.00!

  • The entire process only takes one week.
  • Training can be done on-site or online.
  • Hardware Solutions by HP - A Name you can Trust.

Ontrac Features:

  • Point of Sale
  • Inventory Control
  • Item Look-up
  • Customer Tracking
  • Business Reports
  • Electronic Purchase orders (SCP/Superior)
  • Integration with Pool360 Online Catalog
  • Advanced Item Lookup with Schematics
  • Real Time Vendor Pricing with Instant Updates
  • Automatic Item Creation without Typing saving numerous Man Hours.
  • Integration with Quickbooks and Peachtree Accounting systems
  • Advanced HP Hardware with Warranty Support from HP for 3 Years.
  • E-commerce Immigration Available

Introducing New Offerings:

Mercury Pay

Intergrating credit card payment processing

Streamline your business operations with Mercury® payment processing built inside the point-of-sale (POS) system – for free. Our integrated payments technology is the engine for seamless transaction processing, automated reconciliation and reporting, and direct customer support!

  • Easier reconciliation saves time and wages.
  • Faster transactions shorten lines and keep customers happy.
  • Fewer errors and chargebacks improve profitability.
  • Dedicated, POS-wise support stops the run around.
  • Direct integration eliminates the need for extra POS software.

To schedule a demo, contact ON-TRAC

Project Manager
Ted Langley
Phone: (985) 590-4270 x800111
Email: ontrac@PoolCorp.com