Goby Robo H20

Hybrid cleaner
for all pool surfaces

Cleans like a robot - powered by water

Goby Cleaner Picture

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Goby Cleaner front-view Picture
Goby Cleaner corner-view Picture

Goby Robo H20 Product Features

  • Works like a robot without electricity & works on low flow
  • Steering mechanism incorporates full function bi-directional steering in forward and reverse cycles (much smarter than a typical water powered cleaner)
  • Patented self-cleaning gears allow cleaner to effortlessly change direction and provide greater reliability with less wear
  • Patented Variable Torque Turbine protects drive train from damage and helps pick up a variety of debris (leaves, twigs, acorns & more)
  • Debris does not pass through the gears, reducing risk of jamming and allowing for easy maintenance
  • Smart Track System reduces wear on tracks since they only make surface contact as needed (during transitions and around obstacles such as main drains, ladders, etc)
    • less maintenance cost for consumers as tracks wear more slowly than other cleaners
  • Twin-drive roller system simulates twin motor as each roller has its own drive mechanism
    • helps cleaner navigate main drains, lights
  • Scrubs walls-travels forward and slides back for scrub action
  • Articulating Swivel allows cleaner to move freely through pool
  • Adjustable suction control allows for customized suction